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‘ATERRADOS’ (The Terrified) and ‘MORTO NÃO FALA’ (The Night shifter) foreign horror review


Latin Horror Hola, Boils and Ghouls! Happy October and welcome to my first write up review on Latin Horror. I’ve recently decided to take advantage of some trial memberships that have become available due to the streaming platform boom. I’m a horror movie addict who needs her daily horror fix so naturally, I got into watching right way. I’ll share a shameless secret with you… I’m a sucker for a good poster. Cover art is a huge draw for me. The film could be the worse, most horrendous time loss of my life but a kickass poster gets me every time! Fast forward to the present day, I still do the same. I’m not one to lean on biased reviews from validated sources. It’s all about the adventure for me.

“Aterrados” (“Terrified”) 2017.

Aterrados poster art design, was an immediate hook. I saw the trailer, and the rest was history.  Same was the case with Morto Nao Fala. I’ve decided to write a quick review on both films because they had the same eerie effect on me. Both contained spooky stories with a chilling ambience. I also enjoyed the CGI and special effects makeup on them. As an effects makeup artist myself, I have to say they did a gory great job!

“Aterrados” (2017) aka “Terrified” a creepy Spanish horror. Without spoilers, it’s about a team of paranormal researchers that investigate strange events within a small neighborhood in Brazil. The film has a nice buildup with a killer cast. The surprise stings are guaranteed to make your heart flutter. Their effects were quite inventive. My only problem with the film was the peaking of sound levels at times. I only noticed this “ear raping” at key moments during intended jump scares. It may have been something intentional, but it annoyed me. Aside from that, I felt they did a “TERRORiffic” job in creating the perfect atmosphere for a bone-chilling delivery.

The trailer for “Aterrados” 2017.
Poster for “Aterrados” 2017.
“Morto Nao Fala” aka “The NightShifter” 2018

Moving on to my next film of the day, “Morto Não Fala” aka “The NightShifter” (2018). This morbid Portuguese film is a true chiller. Spoiler free description: A mortician communicates with the dead that are brought into his job at night. It had a nice buildup in a perfect morgue setting. I don’t want to give it away, but this film starts off one way then builds into a mound of “WTF” moments.

In my opinion, they won’t drag or bore you. There are moments of continuous despair, that intensify as the films progress. They both portray spine-tingling suspenseful and graphic moments. The overall esthetics are truly amazing. When I watched them, I felt submerged into both films. I hope you enjoyed my review. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your “Skelevision” and get to watching these screamers. I’ll see you next time, if you can survive your watchlist. Muah ahh ah!

Scare ya later!

The trailer for Morto Não Fala” aka “The NightShifter” (2018).  
Poster for Poster for “Aterrados” 2017.

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Cindy Sanabria
Pursuing her lifelong passion for storytelling, Cindy Sanabria, aka Slaughter Cin, She-Wolf Empress of Gore is a Puerto Rican independent filmmaker, screenwriter and special effects makeup artist from El Barrio (East Harlem), NY. She currently holds a BFA in film from the City College of New York (CCNY) and an AAS in Video Arts Technology from the Borough of Manhattan Community college (BMCC). While attending the university, she revived the “BMCC on Air” school news tv channel working all aspects of the television station. She was later selected for a 60 mins CBS Bootcamp where she wrote and produced a story that earned huge merit upon completion as the winner.

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