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INDUSTRY: First Quarterly Digital Edition of ‘DecayMag’ Released

There’s a new player in the genre publishing space, and it’s going straight for the digital jugular!

DecayMag is coming right of out the gates of hell like a demon on a mission, with both high-quality aesthetics and essential stories and reviews. We predict that this publication will sprint into the fore of the horror/genre entertainment space in short order.

A sample of DecayMag's content and quality.

A sample of DecayMag’s content and quality.

Ken Artuz, DecayMag.

DecayMag founder Ken Artuz.

The Bronx-based horror entertainment news website and podcast platform, DecayMag (not Decay Magazine), announced its entry into the publishing sector with the release of its first digital issue. The debut release features fifty-six pages with a focus on cinema, video games and electro-industrial music. Two exclusive interviews include; Actor, Voice Over Actor Gunner Wright, and Dawn Of Ashes Frontman Kristof Bathory.

DecayMag’s expansion into the publishing sector does not follow the traditional bridge between the content and the reader. Instead of physical copies, DecayMag looks to strengthen distribution across territories and demographics with attention to mobile technology and smartphones strategies. Each DecayMag digital issue emulates the look of a conventional genre publication. DecayMag centers mobile device distribution and includes Android, iOS, Kindle and any device with an internet connection. Unlike standard publications, readers are engaged with Hyperlinks, an interactive layout, embedded media and also the option to print and/or download PDF.

Everyone uses a mobile device for news and entertainment. Offering our publication digitally is a dynamic strategy to use the technology at hand, pun intended. Delivering the interactive hallmarks of online content in a digital publication fosters a connection between the content, content creator and the target audience. — Ken Artuz, Founder of DecayMag.

Future issues we will add more features on Horror media, the music industry, in particular, Industrial, EBM and Witch House genres, book and exclusive interviews.

And the digital publication aims to also have an altruistic center, with DecayMag claiming to reserve a percentage of sales for every dozen issues sold, with proceeds donated to a non-for-profit community-based organization during each quarterly release. And LATIN HORROR agrees that business and community-minded support don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

We are thrilled to present our first digital issue, our venture in digital publishing. Furthermore, it is an honor to help our community through our new endeavor.

A single DecayMag digital edition issue is $5, and a yearly subscription only sets you back $20, with DecayMag currently floating a promotional offer of $15 for a year subscription that ends April 1st, 2019. You can place your order (or receive a ten-page sample) via this URL.

DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast is published weekly and DecayMag Sessions is a bi-weekly program. Both podcasts are accessible on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, and Google Home, and Alexa home devices. 

Edwin "El Miedo" Pagán
Edwin "El Miedo" Pagán is the Founder-In-Chief of LATIN HORROR. Pagán is a writer, filmmaker and life-long horror fan. In 2008 he founded LATIN HORROR, an online niche market website specializing in Latin-influenced horror, its documentation, and promotion as a distinct genre. Pagán is at the forefront of the Latin "Dark Creative Expressionist" movement, a term he coined as a means of identifying the millions of lost souls who live outside the rim of mainstream society and whose lifestyle and work is grounded in horror, the macabre, and gothic arts. Currently, he is penning a book entitled 'MIEDO - The History of Latin Horror.' Trivia: He is noted for ending his written correspondence with the offbeat salutation 'There will be SANGRE!'

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