EXCLUSIVE: Director Michelle Nessk gives Latin Horror a Lesson in Revenge!


Latin Horror had a chance to sit down with director Michelle Nessk and discuss the re-release of her film, “O. Unilateralis.” With Michelle we chatted about how she got into filmmaking and became a fan of the horror genre, the perspective of the rape-revenge sub-genre through the female lens, her phobia of zombies and more! Check out the video interview with Michelle!


Gaby Moreno
Gaby is a Mexican American creative based out of San Diego, CA. She is an artist, poet, blogger, podcast host and writer. She is the Founder of “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue” which is a blog and podcast started in late 2018 to blend her two favorite genres Hip Hop and Horror! She is a music lover and movie fan!When she is not hosting her own podcasts, putting out music or writing her own content she is also staff at Platform Collection, an Indie Hip Hop Network. She is all about preserving the cultures she loves and contributing to add value to them!

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