EXCLUSIVE: Director Johnny Hickey talks DRUGS, HORROR and ‘HABITUAL’ in Video Interview

Director/Actor Johnny Hickey as Simon in ‘Habitual’

LATIN HORROR Justina Bonilla of Latin Horror, had the wonderful opportunity to video interview director, actor, producer, and writer Johnny Hickey, for his new psychological drug-fueled horror film ‘Habitual‘. Starring Hickey and Chris “CT” TamburelloHabitual follows a small group of ravers who party as hard as the drugs they take. After taking a new drug, at a rave in an abandoned asylum in Salem, Massachusetts, the ravers enter unaware that a nightmare far worse than anything they could have ever imagined, is lurking in the shadows for them.


Take a look at the trailer to Habitual at: A new drug induced nightmare in ‘HABITUAL’

Habitual is set to release in Theaters and on VOD of the last Friday the 13th of 2020, November 13

Justina Bonilla
Justina is a Mexican-American freelance writer and journalist based in Orange County, CA. She has written for a number of publications. Currently, she is also a contributing writer for Latin Heat Entertainment. In her spare time, she volunteers as a film blog writer for the non-profit arthouse cinema, The Frida Cinema, in Santa Ana, CA. Her areas of expertise include retro pop-culture (film, music, and television), Golden Age of Hollywood, cult-films, classic horror films, Latino American cinema, Latin horror films, and the history of American rock ‘n’ roll.

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