MOVIE ON THE WEEK: Pablo Absento's horror short ‘SHI’
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An ordinary day starts horribly for the character when he receives some bad news. It changes his life right away. Everything would go wrong from that moment on. Can things get worse than the worst?

It's been a minute since a genre filmmaker has inspired us enough to put the spotlight on their work. But one such filmmaker has done just that: Pablo Absento (bio below) and her short horror film SHI, starring Justin Berti. The film is deftly directed by Absento, and Berti provides an even keel performance as "The Man" in serious need of a rabbit's foot. The film has even landed on Guillermo del Toro's radar.

The film was put on our radar by filmmaker Aaron Soto (Rue Morgue México), whose own work was recently seen as part of the highly successful Mexican horror anthology MEXICO BARBARO (which LATIN HORROR showcased in 2015). When he said: "Pablo is the horror female director to watch!" -- I knew we had to take a peek. And I'm glad we did. If the film has undertones of J-Horror, that's not by accident, Absento is an English national who now lives in Japan. We're sure Yurei have had have a big influence on her filmmaking. Without further ado, we present SHI --

From her bio: Pablo Absento was born in Weybridge, UK. Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Master degree in Television Directing and Screenwriting. 5 years ago Pablo moved to Tokyo, Japan, where she made her first short film “Call My Name”, which became The best short horror at The Germany After Dark Horror Festival in 2013. The win at the festival in Germany brought some good budget to make another short “SHI”. "SHI" is her second project.

Director Pablo Absento

SHI - Onesheet

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