Irene was born and raised in the beautiful City of Angels. She is first generation Mexican American and speaks, reads and writes in both Spanish and English, swirled together in the form of Spanglish and mixed in with some Thug, Rock & Gore.

Irene Villalobos, Latin Horror

As far as she can remember, she has always had a passion for the darker side of life. As a teenager Irene often argued with her parents becauce she wanted to be a mortician. When family members or friends of the family died she'd beg to go to the funeral. Once there she was like a moth to a flame and would stay close to the body and just stare mesmorized - word on the street was that she creeped people out!

Some of her favorite movies include the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, and of course, the Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street series. Another cool movie that she totally loves is "La Loba." There are two reasons why this is an all time favorite of hers: #1, it was the first Mexican werewolf feature, and #2, the title is my namesake! Villalobos = House of Wolves! So beware of the She-Wolf!!!

Irene can be reached directly at LATIN HORROR at: villalobos@latinhorror.com

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