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LATIN HORROR is pleased to join the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival once again in what has become an annual tradition of hosting the festival’s horror/genre program and filmmaker Q&A panel for Program #11LA ZONA OSCURA!

The festival runs during the weekend of November 26-30, 2021. During this weekend you will be able to watch over 100 short films written, directed or produced by Latin filmmakers here in the U.S.A. Movie Buff Pass holders will be able to watch until December 15th.

This year, the festival has made the prudent decision to host a virtual edition of the showcase. And while the greet-and-meets and networking won’t be the face-to-face bread-breaking that our Gente love so much, the caliber of the films and programs will remain the same! Not to mention that women filmmakers have taken over the festival in 2021 with the largest representation lineup across the board — BOOYAH! — and we could not be prouder of that fact!

So let’s join together in celebration and support all the filmmakers being featured in the festival. We must confess that we are kind of partial to one particular track: Make sure not to miss the filmmaker Q&A panel being moderated by our very own founder-in-chief Edwin Pagán on Sunday, November 28th starting at 3pm (est) via this ZOOM link .  😉

“There will be SANGRE!”

Block 11 – LA ZONA OSCURA – Express Pass Purchase. This pass includes:

  • The One Block Pass will remain active until November 30th, 2021.
  • Access to the Q&A for that Film Block.
  • Ability to vote for favorite film for that block (until November 30th).
Full festival ticket and pass options below.

La Zona Oscura lineup (alpha order)

Cold Dark Hollow

Director: Patricia Vonne

Country: USA / Run Time: 4 Mins


A single mother shaken from PTSD searches for relief from her terrorizing nightmares.

Genre: Horror – Scifi / Language: English / Trailer Link

Crabs in a Barrel

Director: Michael León

Country: USA / Run Time: 18 Mins


Celebrating your friends is super exciting…unless you’re the least successful person in the room. A jaded writer attends her frenemy’s congratulatory event only to discover that she has been robbed of her career changing opportunity. Will she toast the host? Get ready to go from #LOL to #WTF.

Genre: Horror – Comedy / Language: English / Trailer NA

Dentro de Mi

Director: Melanie D’Andrea

Country: USA / Run Time: 12 Mins


Dulce Brassea faces a nightmare come to life as she discovers she has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and that her body will inevitably degenerate. She amongst others with MS must fight through the menacing darkness and mystery of the disease to rediscover how to live a meaningful life.

Genre: Horror – Documentary / Language: English / Trailer NA

I’m a Vampire

Director: Sofia Garza-Barba

Country: México/USA / Run Time: 15 Mins


In and amongst the confusion created by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, 8 year-old Jackie believes she is turning into a vampire. As her suspicion is reinforced by her parents’ bewildering behavior, the imaginative girl creates her own plan to survive the confinement.

Genre: Horror – Comedy / Language: Spanish / Trailer Link

Noche del Infierno

Director: Andrew Reid

Country: USA / Run Time: 15 Mins


Three freshman pledges must denounce cultural stereotypes and survive a magical test to gain entry into the most prestigious Latina sorority.

Genre: Horror – Comedy / Language: English / Trailer NA

Mad Machine

Director: Sergio Guerra

Country: USA / Run Time: 7 Mins


In the not-too-distant future, personal security androids fill the void left by a fully privatized police force. When one woman’s android malfunctions, she must fight to survive its murderous onslaught.

Genre: Horror – Scifi / Language: English / Trailer NA

Mi Casa

Director: Kristina Arjona

Country: USA / Run Time: 14 Mins


Two sisters have been trapped in their family home for 100 years. Though they both want to “see the light,” they disagree on the best course of action. Maria prefers peace and quiet, while Geraldina entertains herself with tricks on the living tenants. The current occupant, Frank, surprises them when he returns with a Ouija board and tries to communicate. Geraldina is thrilled at the chance to finally be “seen” again and quickly becomes smitten with him. Just as she thinks her feelings are reciprocated, Frank reveals his fiancé will be arriving soon and hopes Geraldina will agree to not let her presence be known, forcing both sisters to contend with their past and their lack of presence.

Genre: Horror – Drama / Language: English / Trailer NA

The Wrangler

Country: USA / Run Time: 7 Mins


On the run from a vampire hunter with a personal vendetta, immortal fugitive Kaia hides her lover from the monster she used to be.

Genre: Horror – Scifi / Language: English / Trailer NA

Tinder Tango

Director: Cecilia Robles

Country: USA / Run Time: 7 Mins


A dreamy Tinder match. Two tango aficionados meet for the first time and it turns out to be a hell of a date!

Genre: Horror – Scifi / Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French / Trailer NA

Worry Dolls

Director: Marcella Ochoa

Country: USA / Run Time: 10 Mins


A woman, traumatized by a past assault, has recurring nightmares of the attack and looks for other solutions when traditional therapy doesn’t work. She is gifted Worry Dolls by a Mexican shaman who believes they have the power to take away the woman’s worries. She soon realizes, however, that using their magic has opened a door for her nightmares to become a reality.

Genre: Horror / Language: English / Trailer NA

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