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ON THE HORRIZON: Demian Rugna’s & Fabian Forte’s ‘MALDITOS SEAN’


A sinister healer who will curse several people dragging them to live creepy experiences along their own stories.

Filmmakers, Demian Rugna and Fabian Forte have created a three part horror anthology series, “MALDITOS SEAN” (Cursed Bastards) in Argentina. The feature film involves a sinister healer who curses several different individuals whose stories eventually intertwine as they make their way through their damned lives. This small budgeted film has an intense story, interesting camera work, and very good special effects.

Demian is a director and scriptwriter who specializes in fantasy and horror films. He has made several short horror films.  In 2005, he wrote the original script,  “Death Knows your Name,” which was directed by Daniel de la Vega.  The film went on to win the Tabloid Witch Awards Best Film (2007) and The Latino Fest  (2007). In 2007 he directed his first feature based on one of his short stories entitled: “The Last Gateway.” It went on to win the Best Horror Film award in the Puerto Horror Film Festival, Best Screenplay BARS 2008, Best Cinematography and Best Actress in the Chimera Film Festival, and was chosen as one of the best Top 10 Best Horror Films of 2007 by the site

In 2008, Demian wrote the original script of “They Want My Eyes” which was directed by Sergio Esquenazi. The film won an Award for Best Screenplay in the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre in 2009. His second stint as director has come about through the soon-to-be-released film called “Malditos Sean!,” this time co-directed with Fabian Forte.

Fabian Forte is a writer, producer and director. He has made eight short films from 1994 through 2004. Many of them were selected at international festivals. His last short film, “Dose” (2004) was the winner of the first prize in Telefe Cortos 2004.  It also was the winner for Best Dramatic Short at the Festival de Viña del Mar, Chile 2005. His first feature, “Mala Carne” (2003), received the award for best director at the Film Festival Terror Fearless Tales Genre Festival in San Francisco in 2005. He also directed  a segment of “Carnal” for the American market in late 2005.

In late 2006, made his second feature film called “Celo” (Heat). “Celo” has participated in festivals like the International Film Festival Montevideo, Uruguay, the Low-Budget Film Festival in Cuba, the International Film Festival in Lima Peru, several Argentine film shows in Leipzig, Germany, the Festival of Ateneo Coste Cero in the Canary Islands, Spain where it won awards for best lead actor, Carlos Echevarria and best lead actress, Josephine Sanz.  “Celo” also was the official selection of the Latino Film Festival of Seattle, in September of 2009.

Some of the best horror films continue to come from the country that resides at the bottom of the world.  Never to be forgotten.  Or you risk being … cursed for life!

There will be SANGRE!
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