Official Latino Film & Arts Festival – Complete “Block 1 Horror +” Lineup

There will be SANGRE!

As the host and sponsor of the opening night of the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival‘s “Block 1 Horror +” showcase and post-screening costume after-party, LATIN HORROR is pleased to provide a full lineup of the participating films to whet your appetite for the horror, sci-fi, and experimental films that will be presented on Halloween! Get your tickets now!

The Official Latino Film and Arts Festival will be taking place on the grounds of College of the Desert in scenic Palm Desert, CA., located at 43500 Monterey Ave, Palm Desert, CA. The festival opens October 31, 2019 (Halloween) and continues through November 2, 2019.

LATIN HORROR team members on hand will include founder Edwin Pagán, managing editor Christian A. Morán, and entertainment writer Jennifer E. Ortega (who will also be covering the event for Culturally Obsessed). Come out, say ‘hello,’ and support genre filmmaking by U.S.-based Latin Americans.

The information listed below was provided by the filmmakers upon submission to the festival.


Jackie Perez, writer/director

Runtime: 15:18 | Category: U.S. Horror or Sci-Fi

This short is an adaptation of a Stephen King short story by the same name as part of his Dollar Baby program. Lieutenant Shapiro’s ship is destroyed in a crash on a deserted desert planet covered in sand dunes. As she begins to understand the severity of her situation, she sets out to discover other survivors and concoct a rescue plan. Her crewmate Rand is alive, but spellbound by his new surroundings. It’s up to her alone to figure out how to get off that rock and back home. She finds their ship’s beacon, it’s signal answered by a salvage ship and it’s unsavory crew. Ultimately, their rescue comes too late as Shapiro has succumbed to the planet’s siren call as well. The short culminates in a twist that Rand doesn’t exist and Shapiro has been stranded alone this entire time. She violently kills the salvage crew, and walks off into the dunes, choosing Beachworld has her new home.


David E. Munz-Maire, writer/director

Runtime: 13:10 | Category: U.S. Horror or Sci-Fi

‘Chateau Sauvignon: terroir’ follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive seeking a tasting and tour of the winery, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help care for his mother, as well as prove his worth to his choleric father. However, his wayward plan quickly takes a turn for the worse, and his missteps puts his family’s secretive murderous ways in peril of being unearthed.


Camilo Urdaneta, writer/director

Runtime: 14:07 | Category: U.S. Horror or Sci-Fi

Llora Conmigo tells the story of a modern encounter with the Mexican folk legend, La Llorona. We follow Tomas and his younger brother, Simon, as they walk back from baseball practice. However, after hearing a mysterious woman’s cry, they feel the need to rush back home to their family for safety. That night, Tomas wakes up to find himself alone in his house with a familiar cry emanating from another room. As he ventures throughout his house to look for his missing brother, he finds his deepest and darkest fears realized. He is forced to try to escape La Llorona’s grasp before it’s too late.


Alejandra Balda, writer/director

Runtime: 8:20 | Category: U.S. Horror or Sci-Fi

Ava, a gifted writer escapes the city to immerse herself in her new book, only to slip from reality as she begins to believe to the dangerous voices in her mind.


Jayk Gallagher, writer/director

Runtime: 6:00 | Category: U.S. Horror or Sci-Fi

‘To protect a mother and son fleeing a murderous husband in a polluted future LA, Detective Inés Nieblas must use the ability to alter past events.’

In a polluted near-future, Inés Nieblas is a new kind of LAPD Detective called a Chronopath; she has the power to change the outcome of a murder within the first 24 hours after it takes place. She places her hand over the fingerprints of the victim, and, only once, can go back in time as that victim and attempt to alter the past. When Mae Conrad and her son Taj are violently slain by Mae’s abusive husband Dennis, Inés must use her powers to try to set things right.


M. Burger, writer/director

Runtime: 11:45 | Category: U.S. HORROR or SCI-FI

A lonely Pranic healer – a form of energy healing – continues to push her body and her spiritual health to the brink when she is confronted with an especially horrific and spiritually-trying healing session.


George Heras, writer/director

Runtime: 17:00 | Category: U.S. HORROR or SCI-FI

GOODNIGHT is anthology horror tele-series based on sleep paralysis. The pilot opens up following the story of Lisa Tejada’s (Cinta Laura Kiehl) recent episodes of sleep paralysis that have revealed glimpse of the night her mother died. Will she be able to uncover the truth or be trapped in the shadow-man’s dimension forever?


John Gigrich, writer/director

Runtime: 6:05 | Category: American Diversity Award

The crew of a haunted house try to find a teenage trouble making ghost, even though they’re not sure if she’ll talk their ears off or rip their limbs off.


Enrique Lebrón , writer/director

Runtime: 6:10 | Category: U.S. HORROR or SCI-FI

A serial killer on the loose has put the intercity of Hartford at a standstill, leaving behind traces of its mutilated victims. At a time where people are afraid to venture out in the town at night, an adventurous woman brings her unknown date home for a one night stand. The night becomes intense and full of passion, but things turn when they reveal themselves for what they truly are.


Jackson Lanzing, writer / director, Max Isaacson

Runtime: 11:58 | Category: U.S. HORROR or SCI-FI

When Pup, a young girl living on the fringe of a bombed out town, finds a dead body washed up on the beach she brings it home to give it a proper burial. But other people have plans for the body and Pup’s refusal to give it up brings hell down upon she and her father’s heads.


Laura “LROD” Rodríguez, director

Runtime: 4:38 | Category: U.S. HORROR or SCI-FI

Two Luchadores are on a vivid adventure in a Latinidad experimental dance film and a intergenerational archive of mi familia.


Emilio Zertuche, writer/director

Runtime: 3:13 | Category: U.S. HORROR or SCI-FI

A card dealing, knife-wielding woman has an evening in with a sharp dressed man.


Rommel Villa, director / Lydia Lane, Writer

Runtime: 15:13 | Category: U.S. HORROR or SCI-FI

In a world where children bond with magical teddy bears that eventually transform into their perfect, human life partner; an optimistic and strong-willed young woman struggles when her teddy mate subverts expectations.


Edwin "El Miedo" Pagán
Edwin "El Miedo" Pagán is the Founder-In-Chief of LATIN HORROR. Pagán is a writer, filmmaker and life-long horror fan. In 2008 he founded LATIN HORROR, an online niche market website specializing in Latin-influenced horror, its documentation, and promotion as a distinct genre. Pagán is at the forefront of the Latin "Dark Creative Expressionist" movement, a term he coined as a means of identifying the millions of lost souls who live outside the rim of mainstream society and whose lifestyle and work is grounded in horror, the macabre, and gothic arts. Currently, he is penning a book entitled 'MIEDO - The History of Latin Horror.' Trivia: He is noted for ending his written correspondence with the offbeat salutation 'There will be SANGRE!'

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