LATIN HORROR interview with ‘Murder In The Woods’ actress CHELSEA RENDON


Soon after arriving to a mysterious cabin in the woods, a group of college friends discover the dark secret it holds, which forces them to fight for their lives.Murder In The Woods (IMDB)

Latin Horror On September 15th LATIN HORROR hosted an exclusive online screening and watch party of Luis Iga Garza’s horror/slasher film ‘MURDER IN THE WOODS.’ The screening was followed by a public Q&A with the cast & crew moderated by “La Muñeca Del Terror” and LATIN HORROR Ambassadoress Gigi Saul Guerrero at our Youtube channel. We also conducted a series of interviews with the film’s diverse talent.

Today we proudly bring you the first of those interviews: CHELSEA RENDON, who plays Chelsea in the movie. The interview is conducted by LATIN HORROR managing editor, Christian A. Morán.

The ubiquitous and legendary Danny Trejo (Sheriff Lorenzo) shines a light of the situation.

Peep the the trailer for Luis Iga Garza’s ‘Murder in the Woods’ below.

There will be SANGRE!
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