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REVIEW: Laura Díaz de Arce’s ‘MONSTROSITY’

Author Laura Díaz de Arce
Author Laura Díaz de Arce

Laura Díaz de Arce’s first ever short story collection featuring both published and never before seen tales that span genres and styles. Monstrosity includes twelve pieces on the nature of monsters for readers of different tastes.

LATIN HORROR We love to hate monsters. In fact, we need monsters to explain things that frighten us or have a place to point to when we simply do not have answers. I guess it makes sense to write a book about monsters that take the form of women. We are often vilified, abused, not taken seriously, used as scapegoats and left in the shadows only to be dragged out when it is convenient. But damn. I love being a woman and if that makes me a monster then I will call myself one with pride.

Monstrosity is a collection of short stories about monsters in different forms and in transformation. This struck a chord with me because being a forty-year old woman, I know I have changed many times in this life for the good and bad. In each story the definition of what a monster is changes. There is sci-fi, folklore and contemporary horror that varies beautifully. The characters are from different times and places with their own voices. From the first page Laura hits you hard, so be ready. Laura incorporates her heritage which I love because being a Latina, or any woman of color, is different than being a white woman. There are simply not enough Latinas writing adult horror and if it’s one place I know first-hand we would be welcomed, it is with the indie horror community.

Like any collection I gravitated to some stories more than others, however, on a whole this is a solid book I would recommend if you seek to diversify your reading. There is Spanish, but I don’t want any complaints from readers. There is cursing- I like potty mouth. There is sex- c’mon. YES! We have all done it and we all have had THOSE kinds of relationships.

This is one for your TBR.

About Laura Díaz de Arce
Raised in a suburb built over a swamp, Laura Díaz de Arce is a South Florida writer with a penchant for long-winded explanations and a nasty reading habit she can’t seem to kick. Her other quirks include sudden exclamations in Spanish and talking to cats. Laura is a founder of Smoking Mirror Press and has a Master’s in Literature, which is currently lost somewhere in her office closet. She is the author of Monstrosity: Tales of Transformation.

Violet Castro
VIOLET CASTRO is a Mexican American from San Antonio, Texas now residing in the UK (England). Violet joined LATIN HORROR as the brand’s official Book Reviewer, expanding our capacity in the literary arena with her unique and idiosyncratic voice. Violet is also a full-time mother, a Latinx literary advocate, and an accomplished novelist with several titles to her credit, including Maria The Wanted and the Legacy of The Keepers, The Erotic Modern Life of Malinalli the Vampire, Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become – “The Latin Queens of Mictlan,” and the soon to be released Hairspray and Switchblades (Feb 2020). In addition, she is also a reviewer for and has contributed to Ladies of Horror Fiction, Ginger Nuts of Horror, OctoberPod Podcast and Burial Ground.

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