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‘¡Pa’ Que Tu Lo Sepas!: Stories to Benefit the People of Puerto Rico’ – edited by Angel Luis Colón


I will keep this review short and sweet with two reasons why you need to slide those fingers over to Amazon to press BUY after reading this.

1. This book is only a sliver of the wealth of talent across the Latinx community, but Angel Luis Colón has done an excellent job at curating a variety of voices. We are all different as individuals so why wouldn’t our experiences within our communities be different too? Our lives also differ wildly depending on gender and sexual orientation. This sounds simple and common sense, however, time and time again we are lumped together as a mass of brown people from hot dangerous places with
our individual pain and joy erased.

I am a Mexican American woman from Texas and went to college in Philadelphia. Let me tell you the dangers and worries I faced were not from brown folks. Far from it. Saying that, I could also tell you about a friend’s cousin, a rancher from Mexico (my neighborhood was a Chicanx and Mexican mix), who grabbed my ass at ten. Being so young, the fear of that moment has never left me, and I will be forty-one this year. All these fallen feathers don’t belong to the same beast, they are from my beast.

We have faces, stories and words. When you dig beyond the surface a multitude of treasures can be found. The stories in this book capture that beautifully. Since it is Women In Horror Month I would like to shine a spotlight on the female authors included. All of them are powerhouses in their own right with unique tales of loss, love and the Latina experience.

Since finishing ¡Pa’ Que Tu Lo Sepas!, Hector Acosta has received an Edgar Award nomination for his story, Turistas. Well deserved!

Author / Editor, Angel Luis Colón.

2. Puerto Rico needs our help. Puerto Ricans are in need of the basic necessities that you and I enjoy every day. We can’t prevent natural disasters, but we can change our reaction to them when they occur. If you can only afford one book this month or looking for a gift, I would urge you to choose this one because the value goes beyond the paper. This book will help fellow humans. What has happened to the concept of humanity?

I don’t need to rehash politics as to why grass root incentives are needed beyond government aid.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget to leave a review! Spread the word and make some noise for the authors and this project. Reviews and word of mouth are vital to the success of Latinx authors that often don’t enjoy big budgets.

The Latinx writing community encountered big knock in the publishing world recently. Time to push back.

Book jacket. Anthology edited by Angel Luis Colón.
Violet Castro
VIOLET CASTRO is a Mexican American from San Antonio, Texas now residing in the UK (England). Violet joined LATIN HORROR as the brand’s official Book Reviewer, expanding our capacity in the literary arena with her unique and idiosyncratic voice. Violet is also a full-time mother, a Latinx literary advocate, and an accomplished novelist with several titles to her credit, including Maria The Wanted and the Legacy of The Keepers, The Erotic Modern Life of Malinalli the Vampire, Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become – “The Latin Queens of Mictlan,” and the soon to be released Hairspray and Switchblades (Feb 2020). In addition, she is also a reviewer for and has contributed to Ladies of Horror Fiction, Ginger Nuts of Horror, OctoberPod Podcast and Burial Ground.

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