Beyond The Night

The Final Word:
  • Jason Noto gives us a haunting mystery while painting all the sublime intricacies within a small town.

    Read an exclusive interview with Director Jason Noto and actors Zane Holtz & Azhy Robertson.

    Adrian Grenier executive produces, director Jason Noto’s supernatural thriller Beyond the Night which explores death, grief and reincarnation within a beautifully dreary small town.

    Solider Ray Marrow (Zane Holtz) returns home after a tragic car accident that his 5-year-old son, Lawrence (Azhy Robertson) survives, but leaves his wife, Maisie dead. Ray has to adapt to being a single dad to Lawrence, who’s birthmark on his face leaves him open for gawks and insults. Ray returns to his small mountain hometown to bury Maisie. Lawrence meets his aunt, Caroline (Tammy Blanchard), a Deputy Sheriff for the first time. Despite being a newcomer to the town, Lawrence seems strangely familiar with it. During the funeral Lawrence has an angry outburst when Pastor Hirsch (Neal Huff) speaks and during the wake mentions July Rain, a teenage girl that disappeared years ago. Lawrence continues to bring up things about July Rain he shouldn’t know. This attracts the attention of July’s father, Bernie (Chance Kelly), the town’s resident baddie.

    Matters come to a heated head in Jason Noto’s ‘Beyond The Night.’

    The pace of the film builds a slow heavy tension that lends itself to the gloomy backdrop. There is a lot of beauty in Beyond the Night. The film is shot deliberately dark in hues of amber. Cinematographer Daniel Sharnoff gets kudos for long exquisite shots that capture the essence of the small town. Jason Noto’s attention to detail is used so effectively. Clacks of a treehouse ladder, slight jingles of a dog tag, slow whistles of a wind chime..these all add both an ethereal and eerie sense to the film. Some of the most powerful scenes highlight the quiet private moments in the character’s lives. A scene where Ray sits cleaning his gun with a toothbrush and another where Bernie lays on the bed of his missing daughter listening to her Walkman were both so full emotion. Jason Noto is great at revealing the story through these quiet & devastating scenes.

    Azhy Robertson gives an enthralling performance as Lawrence. He expresses so much emotion within his eyes. There is soulfulness to him that goes well beyond his age. Chance Kelly is so amazingly striking as Bernie. His performance blew me away. In role that is so layered and nuanced, terrifying yet heartbreaking, Kelly’s performance will leave you with goosebumps.

    Jason Noto gives us a haunting mystery while painting all the sublime intricacies within a small town.

    Beyond The Night - Poster

    Beyond The Night – Poster

    Rated R
    98 Minutes
    Zane Holtz as Ray Marrow
    Azhy Robertson as Lawrence Marrow
    Chance Kelly as Bernie Coleman
    Tammy Blanchard as Caroline Marrow
    Neal Huff as Pastor Hirsch
    Skipp Sudduth as Sheriff Hirsch
    Director/Writer: Jason Noto
    Cinematogrpahy: Daniel Sharnoff
    Producers: Robin Garvick, Adrian Grenier, Becky Newhall, Ashton Newhall, Jim Lim, Erik Weigel.
    Distributor: Breaking Glass Pictures

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    EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with ‘Beyond The Night’ Director Jason Noto and actors Zane Holtz & Azhy Robertson

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