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TRAILER: Venture into the mind bending world of Jesus Pasos’s ‘VI’


From Fort Worth, Texas comes a chilling tale of depression and demons in Jesus Alejandro Pasos’s ‘VI‘. Check out the trailer from Spektre Productions.

VI (2019) Spektre Productions

One of the burdens of growing up Latinx is our own culture and its embedded strong connection to family. That mandatory responsibility of taking care of your elders, your father, especially your mother could be a heavy weight on your shoulders. It can create a dependence on your parents that when there gone it can cause a disconnection and self-inflected chaos in the world you live in. The Latinx connection to family is so strong that I laughed at the irony of an episode (Vatos) of AMC’s ‘Walking Dead‘ in the first season. The main cast was holding up in a nursing home in Atlanta with Latinos that barricaded themselves to protect their elders. When the main cast decided to leave the Latinos stay with their family. In a deleted scene the main cast comes back and finds out that the Latinos have been shot in the head and have become zombies. I hope there isn’t a zombie apocalypse on the horizon anytime soon. 

VI follows Jerry, a Latino that’s struggling to deal with the death of his mother. It’s a fight with his grief, his vice and a deadly demon all meshed together in this upcoming thriller. The film stars Jerry Velez (Jerry), Emanuel Garfias (Gabriel), Jessica Sanchez, Olivia Gutierrez, and Robert Grammer.

Latin Horror caught up with director Jesus Pasos for a couple of questions.

LH: What inspired you to make ‘VI‘?

JESUS: I’ve been inspired by a lot of things to be a filmmaker. But VI specifically was creating a world and feel that isn’t really shown. I feel horror becomes nothing but slasher or paranormal stuff. Which I find nothing wrong with it when it’s done right. But I wanted to created a horror film which wasn’t like other’s. Where they don’t know where to be scared. They have to think about why things are happening. I wanted to visually tell a great story. I also wanted the score to be it’s own character I was inspired by films like The Shining, A Ghost Story, and the art of Nicolas Winding Refn. But with my own style. I wanted to make sure the audience sees a film they can call mine and every movie that comes after this. They will know without seeing a name that it’s a “Jesus Pasos film”.

LH: What are your plans with ‘VI’ after post-production?

JESUS: We will have a premiere in Fort Worth which will be on June 6th, it’s what we have right now. After that everything else will be going towards film festivals and hopefully get bought by a studio. Worse come to worse we will stream it on Amazon or Netflix.

“Ever since mom has been gone life has been so rough.”

This is Jesus Pasos first feature film but don’t underestimate him as he does have several short films under his belt including Alejandro (2017) and Tack (2017). The director of photography is Jorg Viktor Steins and the movie is written by Andrew Glynn, Jesse Gutierrez, and Jesus Pasos. The producers are John Mcgraw and Jesus Pasos. 

“I wanted to be the son you wanted me to be.”

VI (2019) Spektre Productions

For more on VI please visit Latin Horror’s Scene Autopsy featuring director Jesus Pasos as he breaks down a scene form his debut feature film.




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VI (2019) Spektre Productions

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