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FLASH GIVEAWAY: Gloryalicious’ 2021 ‘Día del los Muertos Corona’


LATIN HORROR is pleased to announce our collaboration with Gloryalicious HandCrafted Products as we begin to celebrate Día de los Muertos with an exclusive F-L-A-S-H giveaway from their 2021 collection: a culturally relevant “Fridalicious Coronas de Flores!”

The 2021 Collection of Fridalicious Coronas de Flores is a limited-edition culturally-relevant product that celebrates the joy of life, the triumph of overcoming physical challenges, and the ancestral connection to the Divine Feminine by New York-based artisan Glorya F. Cabrera. In short: a reclamation of the authentic indigenous power of nature exemplified by the iconic and multifaceted artist, Frida Kahlo.

How do I score a Fridalicious Corona de Flores,” you ask?

It’s simple: just follow these instructions below:

  1. First, you must be a member of LATIN HORROR. Do us the courtesy of subscribing here (it’s only fair), and
  2. Send us an email at with your full name, a personal email where we can reach you directly, and “Fridalicious Corona de Flores” in the message header. We’ll be accepting contest submissions until Friday, October 29th at midnight.

THAT’S IT (we did say it was a FLASH giveaway)! The Winner will be notified at 12:01am at the email provided. When notified of the win, please provide a mailing address where the corona can be shipped via two-day delivery.

* The shipping is on us. 😉

Front view of the Fridalicious Corona de Flores.
Back view of the Fridalicious Corona de Flores.

About the Artist (@Gloryalicious):

Artisan, Glorya F. Cabrera with her Fridalicious Coronas de Flores.

Gloryalicious HandCrafted Products is a reflection of my Chicana-Latina-Indigenous heritage as a Chicana born in the United States – born in the Borderland of Cultural Identity. I learned the power of fashion as a Chicanita growing up Low Riding in the San Francisco Bay Area – our unique iconic aesthetic symbolized cultural pride and 500 years of resilience & resistance.

Joy flows from my hands into my work via my use of colors, patterns, symbols to empower the person with a culturally relevant, foundational product. My wearable textile arts include: Gloryalicious Velvet Swag Slouchy Beanies, luxurious Scarves that include vegan fibers, Swag Tops for Mujeres, Iconic Signature Sustainable Fashion Bag, a brilliant line of Culturally Relevant face masks, and the new 2021 Fridalicious Corona de Flores Collection. Each individual handcrafted custom product sends a powerful message of strength, creativity, power embedded in my DNA through ancestors and spirits.

I am an intersectional Chicana-Latina-Indigenous designer and entrepreneur of wearable textile arts. I am a writer, a poet, an initiated Santeria, a Spiritualista.

As a daughter of Ochun, Ibu Yumu, the knowledge, skills and creativity flow from her through my hands. Ibu Yumu blesses me, as does my ancestral lineage. I am a Chicana born in California, raised in the Bay Area, lifted up by the Chicano Community. I earned a Master’s degree from Bernard Baruch, City University of New York (CUNY) as a National Urban Fellow. I earned a Bachelor of Arts, Radio/Television, from San Jose State University, I am Founding Mother of Lambda Sigma Gamma, San Jose State University, Gamma Chapter. 

As a woman who navigates pain daily from spinal injuries, I am passionate about crafting one-of-a-kind collector items that feature the image and/or energies of “La Frida.” I use my ingenuity, passion, willingness to innovate, and a well-spring of positive energy to create iconic limited edition statement pieces.

About Gloryalicious HandCrafted Products:

Gloryalicious HandCrafted Products was born in 2018 from an on-going process of healing physically, mentally and spiritually from multiple spinal injuries. As powerful healing energy began flowing into my life, I picked up a crochet needle and yarn given by my mother after her passing. I delight in crocheting unique patterns that create visual dialogue with color palettes. Sacred numbers and color combinations are added to bless each individual piece. I channel the energies of my ancestors, Orishas, Frida Kahlo & Ochun into Gloryalicious HandCrafted Products – strength, resilience, beauty, power and magic. 

March 2020, I was guided by spirits to sew culturally relevant Facemasks to protect on multiple levels: emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological drawing upon iconic symbols and colors. My collection of vibrant fabrics offer a brilliant array of images from muerto musicians, muerto dogs, muerto cats, Dia de Los Muertos, La Catrina, to Indigenous prints. 

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