EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘THE HOWLING’ 40th Anniversary Interview with Scream Queens DEE WALLACE


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Joe Dante’s classic werewolf flick, ‘The Howling‘. In 1981 Joe Dante was set to carve out his own space from a crowded wolf scene in the cinemas that included ‘An American Werewolf in London‘ and ‘Wolfen‘. Dante did not disappoint as the film did well at the box-office ($17.9 million) and spawned seven sequels. The movie also cemented Dante and producer Michael Finnell careers as it gave them box-office credibility for their followup, ‘Gremlins. Currently Netflix has plans to remake The Howling.

At the time of 1981, Dee Wallace was a talented up-and-coming actress that had won the lead role of Karen White, a news anchor in the The Howling. A film based on a novel by Gary Brandner. Her wonderful performance in the cult classic put Dee on the radar as a leading lady for studio movies. She followed with lead roles in Stephen King’s 1981 novel adaptation ‘Cujo‘ and Steven Spielberg’s classic ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial‘. Today, Dee is still making films as a producer/actress and has ventured into becoming an author with a collection of self-help books.

“The Howling got me lots of attention, E.T. put me on a really major map as far as the industry.” – Dee Wallace 

In this exclusive interview, Latin Horror’s own Justina Bonilla sits down with scream queen, Dee Wallace to discuss the impact of The Howling after 40 years. Dee talks about her career as an Actress & Author, as well as how it was working onset with Joe Dante, John Carradine, Slim Pickens, and her husband Christopher Stone. Also find out about the most important question of them all, how this scream queen likes her burger cooked!!! So don’t wait for the full moon, start your transformation, and sink your teeth into this raw interview with Dee Wallace.

Check out the Video Interview Below:

Produced by Christian A. Morán     Hosted by Justina Bonilla

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