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Photo by Tristan Eaton

As a fan of graffiti and Universal Monsters, as soon as we started seeing pictures of the mural being created in the lot of Universal Studios, we at Latin Horror had to share it with the world!!! Universal Studios contracted graffiti artist Tristan Eaton to create a giant mural that brings a great visual tribute to their Universal Classic Monsters.

Audrey Hepburn, Little Italy, New York City. Tristan Eaton

As a fan of Eaton’s work here in New York City, it is great to see him doing fantastic work on a 50-by-200-foot wall in a lot in Universal Studios. I would describe his work as pop art with black and white juxtaposed against vibrant colors that vibrate and bounce off walls. I think his style was a perfect choice to bring back the Universal Monsters, with some street cred.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Tristan,

“went through about 40 cans of spray paint per day as he crafted beautiful testaments to FrankensteinThe Bride of FrankensteinDraculaThe Wolf Man, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

The chairman of Universal Studios, Donna Langley said the reason that spray paint was chosen is because the Universal Classic Monsters “were the outsiders, outcasts, rebels and outlaws of their time” and “because graffiti artists are considered the rebel outlaws of the art world.”

To read more about the Universal Classic Monsters Mural and to watch a cool video in the making of, go to:

Also check out and follow Tristan Eaton’s Instagram for more images of the making of the mural.

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