Review: Gigi Saul Guerrero’s gentrification busting ‘BINGO HELL’

BINGO HALL co-writer/director Gigo Saul Guerrero.

As we end the Spooky season we have to bring up Welcome to the Blumhouse film series—produced by genre giant Blumshouse (and showcasing on Prime)—that started at the beginning of October. The fifth installment to the film series, brought us a horror gem, “BINGO HELL!”

The film gives us a dope diverse cast filled with gore and comedic moments. Director and Latin Horror’s very own Brand Ambassador Gigi Saul Guerrero is behind the lens of this amazing horror flick. Gigi along with Shane McKenzie and Perry Blackshear created a unique story about a neighborhood dealing with gentrification, greed, and they mixed it with supernatural elements.

The story introduces us to Lupita, played by Adriana Barraza, one of the most badass Mexican chingona characters I have seen on the screen in a minute. Gigi mentioned via social media the character was based on her real life abuelita (grandmother), which I thought was dope! I was very close to my abuelita and she is the reason I fell in love with the horror genre. I know if my abuelita was still alive she would have enjoyed this film!

ABUELA POWER (L to R): Scott Caldwell, Adriana Barraza and Bertila Damas in “BINGO HELL.”
Richard Brake as the enterprising and enigmatic "Mr. Big."

Lupita is trying to save what is left of her barrio of Oak Springs. She and her group of elderly friends have a tradition of going to play Bingo, but one day they go into the hall where they normally play to find out the owner has “sold out” and now this evil looking man has taken over and transformed it into a casino of sorts. The hall that used to be empty now draws a younger and greedier crowd. I love the fact that they never say it, but you can assume the new owner is the devil himself. Little do the people who are playing bingo know they are selling their soul for what they think is money/prizes. Even Lupita’s friends eventually get sucked into the evil illusion. Lupita is the only one that sees the truth for what it is. She is not afraid to fight and take matters into her own hands.

There are some dope gory scenes, I won’t spoil it for you! It is a must watch film that you can enjoy with la familia! I watched it with mi familia and they loved it!

Remember nothing is free in this world. In this case, if you play, you might just lose your soul! BINGO!!!

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The film gives us a dope diverse cast filled with gore and comedic moments.

Gaby Moreno
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